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The best quarterbacks always seem to fit a certain mold. They aren’t the most athletic, or the strongest out there, but they know how to play. The quarterback position is dominated by ‘white’ players, while more traditionally athletic positions are dominated by ‘black’ players. These other positions require less know how, and more pure talent. All of the best players at almost every position except QB, OL, K, and P, are down the line ‘black.’ But ‘black’ players often struggle at the quarterback position in the NFL. Most of the ‘black’ quarterbacks try to force athleticism to be more important at this position than know-how. The list is failed, or failing, athletic ‘black’ quarterbacks is mounting. The number one case is Michael Vick, who in my opinion, couldn’t throw a lick compared to the other starting quarterbacks in the league.  Being able to run so well is good, but in the NFL at the QB position the ability to perform in the pocket will always be more important unless there are drastic rule changes. The best ‘black’ quarterback I have seen, by far, is Donovan McNabb.  When he first came into the league he was the stereotypical running ‘black’ quarterback, but he learned and developed into a very good QB. When speaking about the best all-time black QB, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, and Doug Williams must be put into the equation. Of these, and of all ‘black’ quarterbacks, only Doug Williams has a Super Bowl ring as a starter. He wasn’t the most talented quarterback, but he played the position well. There are today a number of ‘black’ quarterbacks who have an opportunity to break the mold: JaMarcus Russell, David Garrard, Vince Young and Tavaris Jackson among others. But they have to learn not to rely on athleticism, and to use their skill as a passer, manager of the game, and leader.


  1. There are also plenty of White Signal callers who lack the athletism, leadership skills or arm stregnth to play the position, yet we continue to see them in the league. Yes, if you have the ability to read defenses and eat and sleep football plays, doesn’t make you a QB, where I come from we call these guys COACHES, (ie Chad Pennington)and like other professions in this country there are the Matt Cassel’s, no resume but given a shot?? I wonder what the 2006 Heisman Trophy winner, Troy Smith or Charlie Ward would do for a shot? The last I looked the average hyped white QB really doesn’t start to get critiqued until their 3rd or 4th year, while the average Black QB is under the gun in his first (8) games!!! A lot of success comes from the supporting cast you are given. Mike Vick for all his critics has yet to to see a top flight recevier by his side.

  2. I really don’t think this is a black vs. white issue. If there is a player who can perform he’ll get his shot regardless of race.

    You wonder what Troy Smith or Charlie Ward would do for a shot? Well Ward chose to play pro basketball.

    As for white QB’s not being “.. Under the gun..” Do you remember the name Ryan Leaf? He was under the gun from the very moment he entered the NFL. He didn’t perform and now he’s out.

    Another recent big name black QB is Byron Leftwich. Was he given a fair shot? He had 4 years with Jacksonville. After numerous injuries and mediocre performance he was replaced. Oh yeah by another black qb David Garrard.

    There are plenty of white QB’s who struggle in the NFL. Look at what’s happened to Alex Smith in San Francisco. Drafted #1 and now he sits. Matt Leinart a first round pick also benched this year.

    This is not a race issue. It’s all about performance.

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