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When Clark Kent changes his wardrobe to take on the identity of Superman, where does he put his clothes? If he changes in a phone booth, does the next person using it find a shirt and some pants in there? Maybe Superman just uses his strength to ball up his clothes into a small ball to hide somewhere, but he’d still have to buy a lot of new clothes. Then again, he must be able to wear the same clothes because Lois would most undoubtedly notice if Clark wore ten different suits everyday. And what about the cape? When he changes clothes you can often see him reveal the “S.” Is he already wearing the cape too? That would sure make his suit stuffy…Also no way man pretending to have bad sight oaught to be wearing badly scratched or broken glasses from not using a protective case…


  1. I always thought he hid them in the phone booth. At the same time, he could always abandon them, run home real fast (super fast, in fact) and get changed for when he has to show up JUST AFTER SUPERMAN leaves, and take flak from Lois about missing all the action AGAIN!

  2. I’m not a fan of Super Man, but I stumbled on this and it sparked my attention since I watched the last hour of Man of Steel last night.

    Maybe he hides them in the phone booth because no one really uses a phone booth anymore..?

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