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Autism has a rate of about 1 per every couple hundred births, and yet I had never known or seen anyone with a confirmed case until I volunteered at a pediatriac emergency ward. New research gives more hope for better treatments and better care. It has been determined that some of the genes involved in the expression of autism are stuck in the “off” position but not missing completely. This shows that working hard with individuals diagnosed with autism can be successful in helping them make improvements. According to the AP, It seems that the brain of a person with autism cannot properly create new connections. I’m not sure if it means actual physical-neurological connections or mental connections of events, learned material, etc.

The associated press admitted to having a eulogy prepared for Britney Spears. I don’t like her, and I don’t like her music, but come on, that goes too far. There is obviously something wrong and nobody seems to be taking any initiative to change that. The media is just making it worse; it is almost like they want her to commit suicide.