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My Favorite All-Time Lineup (not necessarily the best)


1B- Jeff Bagwell

2B- Chase Utley

3B- Chipper Jones

SS- Nomar Garciaparra

C- Jason Varitek

LF- Craig Biggio

CF- Ken Griffey Jr.

RF- J.D. Drew

DH- Joe DiMaggio

SP- Roger Clemens


SP- Justin Verlander

SP- Cole Hamels

SP- Bob Feller

SP- Tom Glavine

SP- Daisuke Matsuzaka

RP- Dennis Eckersley

CP- Trevor Hoffman


I have six starting pitchers, but one could be another reliever. Joe DiMaggio is at DH since Griffey is at the CF position.






Roger Clemens has always been one of my favorite baseball players, but now the mists of controversy surround him. He is mentioned 82 times in the Mitchell report, I believe, and his good friend andy pettitte, who was also listed, came forward but Clemens continues to deny the accusations. And there are some things that the media has felt inclined to leave out. When I read over the section of the document accusing the rocket of using steroids and HGH I noticed that it is from one person pointing a finger. Brian McNamee, a team trainer who has worked with Clemens, claims to have injected him. But, I find it unusual that McNamee is able to recall quite specifically, although not exactly, the number of injections and the number of weeks these injections lasted. And one more very important piece of info; apparently, Senator George Mitchell, who headed the investigation is a director of the Boston Red Sox, a team with very few players listed on the report. Oh, and by the way, the Yankees had the most players listed. I won’t go so far as to accuse the investigation of corruption. But it is strange. How can an investigation be fair when the man who heads it has loyalties to a team? Hmm…